Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Man’s obsession with history

PS:- When I say men in this article, I mean people

All of us love history, at least a little (unless you are still in school and are reading it in textbooks). There are some men who love it more than others. They will read an occasional book or two on interesting events, or watch an occasional documentary to go back in time. They are in awe of the intricate cave painting done by humans 50,000 years ago, or of the first republic that established by the Romans. Yet, there are some men who are incessantly obsessed about history. They know the history of the world. They read about it, think about it, discuss it, ask questions on things that don’t make sense, and thus go back and read, think, discuss more to find these answers. You know who they are. You have met them.

For the longest time, I could not understand why these men are so obsessed with history and historical figures. Could it be a general need to know it all? But then some of them don’t pay attention to the current affairs of the world at all. Like if it isn’t old, it isn’t interesting. Could it be the need to understand the differences in the world today, or reminiscence happier times when the power equations were reversed? But I have seen men from all over the world, and from all social classes with a similar obsession.

Could it then simply be the need to be remembered? Do these men dig into the archives to find names that stand out, because these names are their true heros, remembered over decades, centuries and millennia? Is the act of historical obsession another form of hero worship? Would that then explain men who value power being obsessed with politics? Or some who value money being obsessed with the biographies of billionaires? Might also explain women who value beauty being obsessed with the lifestyles of celebrities.
Seems simplistic, yet entirely plausible.

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