Sunday, March 20, 2016

The sound of silence

I talk very little. I don't like to waste words. Talk seems unimportant, even conceited. What is so important that I have to say to the world that the world doesn't already know. Is this, that I am sharing, listening, asking, going to change the other person's life? Just a bit? At least for a moment?

They say words are important for people to get to know each other. Are they really? What does an empty exchange of words tell you about me? Am I sharing my fears with you? The thoughts that keep me up at night? Am I sharing my moments with you? Those that make me who I am? What does my last trip to a random destination really tell you about me? Except maybe what I can afford.

When will people really start talking to each other? Where does the stage end and reality begin? Cut through a facade, and it gets replaced by another. We want our lives to follow a script - a predictable arc, and facades allow us to string together a narrative of what our lives are about.

There isn't anything wrong. This is just one way of looking at things. But I do wonder, how life would be, if we all just said what we know to be the truth in our hearts. All the time. Would it make the world a better place, or will it plunge us into an unpredictable chaos? Well the latter I assume, but would that be more real than the lives we live. Does reality even matter? What is reality anyways except for a perspective?

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