Thursday, June 1, 2017

I love rains

There is something magical about rain. Its one of the most fascinating things about nature right next to babies and black holes. The sight of a washed out world and smell of fragrant earth fills my heart with hope and joy. Its like a re-birth. Like a dip in a holy river.

Although most of all, I love Mumbai rains. I know they are a mess - the city stops, work becomes impossible. But rains in Mumbai are so earthen, so real - it feels like a city by the sea reaching out to to accept its roots and take a wash to be born new - every year. Mumbai rains bring the promise of something new. Wet, old buildings, wet train tracks, wet trees on random crossings, and children playing in the rain water - I romanticize Mumbai rains like crazy.

Mumbai is probably the only city in India where I have met the happiest people in the most difficult circumstances. There will be 8 people living in a one room house, but they will all still have love lives, friends, festivals, outings to the sea - a full life with dreams and hopes. The optimistic nature of this city is infectious.

Miss you Mumbai and Mumbai rains!

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